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    • วท.บ.(ชีววิทยา), มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่, ไทย, 2544
    • M.Agr.Sc.(Biological Mechanisms and Functions), Nagoya University, ญี่ปุ่น, 2547
    • Dr.Agr.Sc.(Biological Mechanisms and Functions), Nagoya University, ญี่ปุ่น, 2551

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    Aglaia elaeagnoideaAlkaloidsanthracnoseAntibacterial activityantibiotic synergismAntidiabeticantiinflammatory activityApigeninarachidonate 5 lipoxygenaseArticleaviculinBioactivesblack gramcatechincell proliferationCell viabilitycell viability assaycereal cropschlorogenic acidChrysoeriolChukrasia tabulariChukrasia tabulariscinchonaincolor histogramConstruct mapcontrolled studyC-rhamnosyl flavonescultivated plantscytokine productioncytokine releaseCytokinesDiabetesDimethylquercetin derivativeDimethylquercetin derivativesEGFREGFR-tyrosine kinase inhibitory activityellagic acidenzymatic assayenzyme activityenzyme inhibitionenzyme linked immunosorbent assayEthnopharmacologyeucalyptusFlavan-3-olsFlavan-3-ols derivativeGarcinia succifoliagene expressiongrapeHaCat cell lineHaldina cordifoliaHaldina cordifolia extractsherbaceous agenthigh performance liquid chromatographyHomalium bhamoenseHomalium bhamoense extractHomalium tomentosumHPLC-DAD-ESI-MSHPLCโ€“DADโ€“ESI/MSnhumanhuman cellHyaluronanhyaluronidaseHydroxylated xanthonesIC50image analysisInflammationinhibitorinterleukin 6Interleukinsinvasive gall waspIsoscopoletinKaolinLearning progressionleavesLuteolinmacrophageMedical problemsmedicinal plantMeliaceaeMetabolic disordersMetabolismMethyl ellagic acidmethyl ellagic acid deoxyhexosidemethyl ellagic acid pentosideMimosa pigraMTT assaymultidrug-resistant bacteriaNADSDHNAD-SDHNatural Product/PhytochemistryNitric oxidePhotosynthesisPolyphenolsการเปลี่ยนแปลงทางกายภาคการสังเคราะห์แสงดินขาวเคโอลินไทโรซีนไคเนสมะม่วงพันธุ์มหาชนกฤทธิ์ต้านอนุมูลอิสระสารบริสุทธิ์


    Sugar Metabolism (Physiology and Molecular), Plant stress physiology/ water stress, Natural Product/Phytochemistry

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