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Core/shell structure?-Amylase inhibition?-Glucosidase inhibition AntioxidantAg and Cu underlayerAg Doped ZnOAlAl dopingAl-dopingAluminumAmmoniaAntidiabeticAuBand gapBase fluidsBound magnetic polarons Narrowing of the energy gapCalcium-silicateCobalt-Iron alloyCoCu NanowiresCoercivityCompositeCr6+Cr6+ ionsCr-doped ZnOd0 ferromagnetismDefect formationDefect formationsDefectsDilute magnetic semiconductorDilute magnetic semiconductor (DMS) . ZnOnanorods . Co impurities . Magneticmoments . Competing interactionsDilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) Wurtzite structure ZnO nanorods Manganese impurities Saturation magnetization Energy dispersive X-ray Photoluminescence detection of defectsdopingDoping (additives)EggshellElectrode positionElectrodepositionElectro-DepositionElectroplatingengineeringExchange bias effectExchange bias fieldExchange-bias fieldsFC and ZFC curvesFeCo nanoparticlesFeNi NanoparticleFePtFerromagnetic behaviorsGadoliniumHeat transfer rateHexagonal wurtzite structureHigh coercivityHigh coercivity and diffusionHydrothermalHydrothermal MethodHydrothermal methodsHyrothermal techniqueHysteresis LoopHysteresis loopsLayered StructureLi+ ion doping . 510 nmLithium-doped zinc oxide semiconductorMagnetMagnetic materialsMagnetic momentsMagnetic nanofluidsMagnetic propertiesMagnetic textureMagnetismMagnetizationMagnetization measurementsMagnetocaloric effectMagnetometersMorphology.NanocompositesNanorodsOil palm leavesPerpendicular anisotropyPhoto reduction of Cr6+Photocatalytic reduction of Cr6+PhotoluminescencePhotoluminescence emissionphotoluminescence peaksRemanent magnetizationrGOSaturation magnetizationZinc oxideZnO nanorodZnO nanorodsการเจือการสุกของผลไม้ขี้เถ้าแกลบ (Rice husks)คาร์บอไนเซชันชานอ้อยชานอ้อย (Bagasse)ซิงค์ออกไซด์ซิงค์ออกไซด์ ไฮโดรเทอร์มอลซีเมนต์ (Cement)ถ่านกัมมนันต์พื้นที่ผิวไฮโดรเทอร์มอลไฮโรเทอร์มอล


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