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5-HMFAbsorptionAnacardic acidCarbon dioxidecatalystChlorogenic acidComposition ModulationContinuous extraction of metalscontinuously-stirred tank reactorconvective instabilityCo-solventCosolventsCost performanceCrude palm kernel oildehydrationDesorbent consumptionDeterminations of reaction rate parametersFixed-bed reactorfloculationFossil energy ratios (FERs)Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyfriction lossfructosegallic acidGamma-oryzanolGHG emissionsGlobal warmingglucoseHydroprocessingIntegrated technologyInteresterificationion exchange resinIon-exchange resinisomerizationIso-vitexinjet fuelKinetic constantKinetic modelLand use changeLewis acid catalystLiquid–liquid extractionliquid-liquid extraction,liquid-liquid extraction/strippingMass transfer coefficientsmicrobial lipidMicrochannal reactorMicrochannelMicrochannel ReactorMicroreactorMicrotubemicrotube reactorMolecular recognitionMonoethanolamineMung beanNanomaterialsNet energy gainNet energy ratios (NERs)Noise filteringNon-catalytic systemOperational modeOrganic solventsOryzanoloxidationPacked-bed reactorPalm oilPalm oil empty fruit bunch (POFB)partial collectionpartial feedPGM recoveryphenolic coatingPlatinumPlatinum(IV)Pork LardPrecious metal recoveryProcess efficiencyReaction temperatureReactive co-solventreactor instabilityrecoveryrecycle technologyRice bran oil fatty acid distillateseparationSimulated moving bedSpent coffee groundsSupercriticalTemperature Scanningtransesterificationtransient behaviourTriacetinWaste Cooking OilWaste Utilizationกรดอนาคาร์ดิกการสกัดของเหลว-ของเหลวช่องจุลภาคน้ำตาลกลูโคสน้ำมันปาล์มดิบเบต้าแคโรทีนปฏิกรณ์แบบเบดนิ่งเรซินแลกเปลี่ยนไอออนไฮดรอกซีเมทิลเฟอร์ฟูรัล


Simulated moving bed, liquid-liquid extraction,, microchannel technology, CO2 capture

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