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    • Ph.D. (Computer Engineering), University of Louisiana at Lafayette , U.S.A., 2545
    • M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Vanderbilt University, U.S.A., 2540
    • M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Kasetsart University, ไทย, 2536
    • B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Kasetsart University, ไทย, 2531

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    affine motion modelBiometricsBroilerClassificationClassroom Researchcorner detectionDictionary learningelderlyEye screeningImage processingImage recognitionImage segmentationindoor positioning systemIntegral approachIntensity gradientsIris acquisition systemiris deformationIris Feature extractioniris identificationIris Localizationiris normalizationiris recognitionIris recogntionIris scannerIris SegmentationIris Textures AnalysisKeywords Breast CancerKinectKinect cameraKinect-based Coaching ProgramKNNK-SVDK-SVD.least square methodLightingLighting conditionslocal binary patternLocal refinementlocating systemMachine visionmachine vision based weed control systemMap representationMarker DetectionMicrosoft KinectMobile applicationmobile eye trackingModel-based methodModified pressureMSERMulti-Kinect camerasMultiQ-table Q-learning muti-camera acquisition setupNegative biometric identificationNew conceptNon-Repudiated TicketsNormalized RGBNutritionOCRolder adultsone base station approachOpen sourcesOptic diskpanningPartial shapePassivationphysical activity monitoringphysical activity.Physical TrainingPoint Coordinates GeneratorPoint coordinates GeneratorPrecision herbicide applicatorPupil boundaryQuotient Thresholding.RecognitionSegmentationShape-based Iris recognitionSignal detectionSignal processingSignal to noise ratioSignal-to-Noise ratiositting posture recognitionskeleton trackingskeleton-based action recognitionSparse codingstabilizationStandard deviationstanding posture recognitionStreet name recognitionSupervised learningSVMTabletTabletsTelemedicineTele-ophthalmologytemplate matchingText recognitionThai Handwritingtraffic panelไก่เนื้อพืช


    Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Biometrics


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