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    266-Tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl (TEMPO)acid bacteriaAcoustic material signatureadaptationadapted strainalkyl ketene dimersAmourphous regionAntimicrobial paperapparent densitBacterial celluloseBacterial cellulose nanocrystalBacterial Cellulose Nanocrystalsbacterial nanocelluloseBambooBamboo holocellulosebeatingBiofilmBionanocompositeblack anther diseaseCelluloseCellulose derivativesCellulose nanocrystalsCellulose nanofibril filmCellulose nanofibrilsChemical analysisChemical co-precipitationChemical propertiesCoiCompregConfocal laser-scanning microscopyCoprecipitationCrystallinitycurldegree of substitutiondrainageElastic constantElastic moduliEnergy dispersive spectroscopies (EDS)Energy dispersive spectroscopyFe3O4 nanoparticlesFilmFilm preparationFourier transform infrared spectroscopyGlass Interleaving PaperGlass stainHandsheethandsheetsHardwood bleached kraft pulphardwood bleached kraft pulp fiberHigh resolution transmission electron microscopyhigh temperature fermentationHornificationIn-situ synthesisionic demandIron metallographyIron OxidesIrregular particleKomagataeibacter oboediensKomagataeibacter xylinuslaser printingMagnetiteMagnetite nanoparticlesmechanical propertiesmodified starchModified WoodMorphological propertiesNanocelluloseNanocomposite filmNanocomposite filmsNanocompositesorchid cut flowerOxidationPaperParticle size analysisPhysical propertiesPoly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA)Polymeric nanomaterialPolyvinyl AcetatePolyvinyl alcoholPolyvinyl alcoholsprincipal component analysisPulpPulp fiberpulp suspensionrecycled handsheetsrecycled pulpRecyclingSilver nanoparticlesStreblus asper Lour.การหมักที่อุณหภูมิสูงคร่าวฝาประตูด้านในของยานยนต์นาโนเซลลูโลสจากแบคทีเรียบัณฑิตศึกษาแบคทีเรียกรดน้ำส้มทนร้อนแบคทีเรียนาโนเซลลูโลสฟิล์มชีวภาพวัสดุผสมนาโนชีวภาพวัสดุเส้นใยธรรมชาติ


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