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interoperabilityAlgorithmApriori algorithmBig DataBlockchainbrowser cacheCache replacementCache-as-a-Serviceclassification algorithmcloud brokerCloud computingClusteringclustering algorithmcluster-to-class mappingCost saving ratioCovid-19Data Analysisdata privacyDBSCANDecision functionDecision Support SystemDecision treeDeep neural networkDigital AgricultureDistributed computingeconomic service modelEdge computingedge deviceElbow methodEnsemble techniqueEthereumExamination ResultFace DetectionFace RecognitionFair assessmentFairness measurementfederated-cloud computingfog nodeFuzzy logicsHeuristicHybrid techniqueImbalanced datainfrastructure as a serviceinfrastructure-as-a-serviceInfrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)Internet of ThingsInternet-of-ThingsJuvenile delinquencyJuvenile detentionKMeansK-meansKNNKnowledge engineeringMachine learningMean Shiftmobile applicationMulti-Layer PerceptronNelder-MeadNetwork performance optimizationNonbinary gradingNonuniform objectnonuniform objectsNonuniformityNorm-referenced achievementNorm-Referenced Achievement GradingNPK fertility sensorOffline cacheOffline cache evictionoffline replacementOntologyoptimal replacementorganisational consumersOversamplingpartial replicationPartitioning Around MedoidsPDPFRecidiveRecommendation modelReplacement policyResampling techniqueSilhouetteStudent gradingT scoreTaxonomytechnical service modelTF-IDFTF-IDF ? KMeansTheory of Planned BehaviorTime-to-liveTKD-NMtourism formVirtual Learning Communitieswater dispenserweb applicationWebpage headingZ scoreการคำนวณแบบคลาวด์โปรแกรมประยุกต์บนเว็บอินเทอร์เน็ตประสานสรรพสิ่งอีเธอร์เรียม


Cloud computing, Distributed computing, Data Analysis, Network performance optimization


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