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The effects of chemical, biochemical and physical treatments on baker?s yeast lysis were studied. The standard conditions for autolysis were pH 5.2, temperature 54?C and yeast concentration 13% dry wt. The optimum chemical treatment obtained by using 5% v/v ethanol and 5% w/v NaCl. The optimum biochemical and physical treatments were the use of 0.1%w/w of papain and 8,000 psi of homogenization respectively. The combination treatment of 5% ethanol and 5% NaCl exhibited highest protein content (61.90%).The physical treated sample obtained 42.45% of total carbohydrate yield and biochemical treated sample obtained 46.53% of autolysate. The chemical analysis of the samples showed the best result in the biochemical treated sample as (g/100g dry wt): 57.50 of total protein, 8.22 of amino-nitrogen, 24.27 of carbohydrate, 7.86 of nucleic acid and 10.72 of ash contents. This treatment showed the feasibility of producing yeast extract, yeast autolysate at pilot plant or industrial scale.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 032, Issue 4, Oct 98 - Dec 98, Page 441 - 451 |  PDF |  Page