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The effects of utilization systems, planting methods and type of grasses on pasture quality of centro and hamata mixed with ruzi and para were studied in a field trial. Herbage quality as measured by crude protein, phosphorus, potassium, NDF and ADF were determined. The results showed that there were little different be?tween such pasture management regimes. However, there were significantly difference between species. Crude protein in the legumes, centro and hamata, was higher than grasses while the reverse was true for potassium. Phasphorus concentration was low for hamata when compared to ruzi, para and centro. NDF was higher in grasses than in legumes while ADF percentage was similar. Although the differences of crude protein concentration in different methods of planting, utilization and type of grasses were relatively small, the amount of crude protein yields were due to the substantial and signifi?cant differences obtained in dry weight between treatments. The increase in crude protein yield was largely due to the high yield of the grass component especially under mixed planting.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 027, Issue 3, Jul 93 - Sep 93, Page 247 - 254 |  PDF |  Page