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With the study on the process of dried bamboo shoot, it was found that blanching for 10 mins. and then soaking in 1.0% sodium metabisulfite prior drying maintained the better quality and highest acceptance of dried bamboo shoot after 6 month storage when compare to the non - pretreatment and treatment with soaking in 1 % sodium metabisulfite prior drying. Conventional dryer provided faster drying rate than dehumidified dryer thus resulting in better quality dried product. Samples with non-treatment prior drying demonstrated higher drying and water - absorbing rates than those with pretreatment prior drying. Browning of dried products was increased with the increasing of storage time, as the L', a*, and h values of the products from the color measurement were change gradually. The using of 1 % sodium metabisulfite solution can only retard the browning reaction of the product within 3 storage months.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 027, Issue 2, Apr 93 - Jun 93, Page 211 - 218 |  PDF |  Page