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The objectives of this research were to analyse the quality of bottled water and tap water; to survey the quantity and brands of water consumed by families in Bangkok ; and to study the reasons for choosing drinking water. Ten brands of bottled water and tap water from public system in Bangkok were sampled for chemical analysis. The interview of family consumption of drinking water was undertaken from 300 families in Bangkok by using the accidental sampling technique. Frequency, mean, and percentage were employed to analyse data. The results showed that all ten brands of bottled water did not have the contaminants in the water higher than standard of industrial products. These brands of bottled water were B.M., Diff, Dytachi, Fresh, Nippon, One Way, Polaris, Rose Water, Tantawan, and U.P.C. The tap water from the areas of Pratunam, North-east Bus Terminal, Jatujak park, and Loompineepark were safe to drink. But the tap water from the former Southern Bus Terminal area was not safe to drink because number of bacteria, level of color, opaque, and lead were higher than standard of drinking water. The family consumption of drinking water was studied, it indicated that most of families in Bangkok consumed bottled water ; tap water was the second. Some families consumed both bottled and tap water. It also found that most of Bangkok families which composed of 5 members consumed bottled water about 66.0 liters per families per month. Furthermore, the results showed that Polaris was the popular brand of bottled water consumed by Bangkok families, and Singha was the second. Easy to buy was the main reason for buying drinking water and quality was the second reason.

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Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences), Volume 013, Issue 1, Jan 92 - Jun 92, Page 54 - 61 |  PDF |  Page