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The chromosome number of thirty accessions of bananas, both wild and cultivated ones were investigated by squashing root tip technique. There were 11 diploids (2n = 22) namely: Kluai Pa number 1, Kluai Pa number 3, Kluai Ang Kang, Kluai Khae, Kluai Khai, Kluai Tani, Kluai Khai Boran, Kluai Thong Khi Meaw, Kluai Pa Nunber 22, Kluai Lai and Kluai Mak. The triploids (2n = 33) were Kluai Khrao, Kluai Neu Mu Nang, Kluai Nam Kap Dum, Kluai Kung Khieo, Kluai Nam, Kluai Tip, Kluia Leb Chang Kut, Kluai Tip Khum, Kluai Khom Bao, Kluai Khom Nak, Kluai Namwa Luang, Kluai Kugn, Kluai Klong Chang, Kluai Phama Haek Kuk, Kluai Nang Klai, Kluai Hom Tia, Kluai Namwa Khom and Kluai Khai Bong. Only Kluai Teparot was tetraploid (2n=44) The karyotype of those chromosomes were studied by measuring the length of long and short arms and grouped them into metacentric, submetacentric, subtelocentric and telocentric. The lengths varied from 1.22 to 3.93 microns. The chromosome of ‘acuminata’ raletives were metacentric and submetacentric such as : Kluai Pa number 1, Kluai Pa number 3, Kluai Khae, Kluia Khai, Kluia Khai Boran, Kluia Thong Khi Meaw, Kluai Lai, Kluai Mak, Kluai Khrao, Kluai Kung Khieo, Kluai Kung, Kluai Klong Chang and Kluai Khai Bong, the rests were hybrids of Musa acunimata Colla. And Musa ballbisiana Colla. The karyotypes were metacentric, submetacentric and subtelocentric.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 025, Issue 4, Oct 91 - Dec 91, Page 400 - 406 |  PDF |  Page