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The comparison of EM (a mixed cultures produced by Sei kai kuesei foundation) with a mixed cultures in swine manure for the swine manure waste water treatment and biogas production was studied. For wastewater treatment, an inoculation with EM starter, an inoculation with microorganisms from swine manure starter and a without inoculation were compared. The results showed there were no different among them. For biogas production, two kinds of swine manure, a normal swine manure (N-SM) from swine fed normally and a swine manure from swine fed with EM in drinking water, (EM-SM) were used for feeding to three biogas reactors. These tree reactors, R1-R3, were contained; 20% (w/v) N-SM solution, 20% N-SM solution+20% (v/v) EM solution, and 20% EM-SM solution, respectively. The N-SM and EM-SM solutions were fed every three days until three months and effluent solutions which come out from each reactors were analyzed. The results showed the reduction of COD, BOD and gas production from R1 gave the highest values when compared to other reactors. The R3 gave the lowest of all values, and the CH4 concentration was lower than 50 percent.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 030, Issue 5, Jan 96 - Dec 96, Page 219 - 226 |  PDF |  Page