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หัวเรื่อง:ผลผลิตและปริมาณโปรตีนในถั่วลาย (Centrosema pubescens), Centrosema sp.n., C. agostini, C. brasilianum และ Lablab purpureus.

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An experiment of 5 pasture legume species :- C. pubescens, Centrosema sp.n. CIAT5112, C.agostini 675, C.brasilianum CPI 40062 and L.purpureus cv. Highworth was arranged in a CRD in Bangkok with 8 replicates (pot) and one plant per pot. This experiment was designed to study growth, dry matter yield and crude protein content in leaf and stem fractions. Leaf dry matter expressed as percentage of total top dry matter production at 105 days ranged from 56.8-42.8% for the 4 vegetative species and was only 25.9% for C.agostini which flowered at 58 days from sowing. All species had higher crude protein content in leaves than in stems and varied greatly among species. The greatest value recorded in leaves was 25.2% for L.purpureus and the lowest 11.75% for C.pubescens, while the values for stems were less variable.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 023, Issue 2, Apr 89 - Jun 89, Page 143 - 148 |  PDF |  Page