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The optimum formula of canned banana flower and heart of pseusostem from Kluai Namwa variety were carried out. One kilogram of heart of pseusostem with good texture obtained from 17-18 cm diameter of psuedostem. Chemical composition analysis showed that contents of protein, fat and ash in banana flower were slightly higher than the heart of pseudostem. A rather high content of tannin (3.75%) in banana flower affected the reddish-brown color changes prior to canning, although soaking in some chemical agents could prevent enzyme browning reaction. Hence, banana flower was not adopted for canning. Pretreatment of heart of pseudostem to prevent enzyme browning reaction showed that it should be soaked in 0.3% CaCl2 solution for 10 min, then blanched in 0.3% citric acid solution for 3 min prior to canning. Optimum processing time for canned heart of pseudostem in 0.5% of brine in 300x407 can size was 20 min at 250?F with Fo value 11 min, for canned heart of pseudostem curry in 307x113 can size were 45 min at 250?F with Fo value 31 min. Organoleptic evaluation showed that the panelist slightly preferred the curry prepared by using canned heart of pseudostem in brine to canned heart of pseudostem curry at 7 and 6 of the acceptable score, respectively.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 029, Issue 1, Jan 95 - Mar 95, Page 55 - 63 |  PDF |  Page