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Two propeller type mistblower were designed and developed. Both of them having same working principles, ie., using about 180 kms/hr air velocity generated by a propeller fan blowing and carrying spray particles into crop canopies. The first machine using a 910 millimeters diameter propeller driven by power take off from a tractors transmitted via-belts and pulleys delivered air at 39,000 cubic meters per hour. The second machine using a 770 millimeters diameter propeller also driven by PTO via a gearbox delivered air a gearbox delivered air at 26,400 cubic meters per hour. Power consumption for both machines was found to be 21.60 and 21.46 kilowatts respectively. Working speed of the first machine was 3.5 kms/hr. consumed 1.9 litres/tree of spray material and created 260 spray particles per square centimeter. Working speed of the second machine was 2.7 kms/hr, consumed 3.12 litres/tree of spray materials. The density of spray particles was found to be 271 particles per square centimeter. It was shown that average size of spray particles for both machines was about 100 microns range. Working speed in 6 meters row orchard was about 6-8 rais/hr.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 029, Issue 1, Jan 95 - Mar 95, Page 77 - 86 |  PDF |  Page