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The performance test on plant type, maturity and yield of 4 soybean lines namely 2128, 2133, 2156 and 2160 selected from crosses between Doi Kham variety and mutants, and one line, 58608, from irradiated Doi Kham, with S.J. 4 and Doi Kham varieties as the checks were carried out at 3 different locations during the year 1989 - 1992. The results revealed lines 2156, 2180 and 58608 to express the characteristics of low plant type and early maturity when cultivated in the dry season. During the rainy - season planting with the usual lodging prob?lem in Doi Kham, yet every tested line had height and maturity not different from the controls. It was also found that even without such good characters as low plant type and early maturity, lines 2128 and 2133 showed out?standing attributes of larger seed size, higher yield and more tolerant to rust and downy mildew diseases than the others including the controls. The 4-year test, therefore, suggested the possibility in developing lines 2128 and 2133 owing to their good characteristics to be future recommended varieties for the farmers.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 027, Issue 3, Jul 93 - Sep 93, Page 261 - 268 |  PDF |  Page