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หัวเรื่อง:วงจรชีวิตและวิธีเพาะเลี้ยงหนอนแดง (Chironomus plumatisetigerus) ในห้องทดลอง

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The adults of Chironomus plumatisetigerus can be bred in the laboratory for at least 9 generations, by using mating cages 37x37x37 cm3, 30.5x30.5x30.5 cm3, 20.5x20.5x20.5 cm3 and 10.5x10.5x10.5 cm3 in size. The adults will mate readily in a cage 10.5x10.5x10.5 cm3 while only some successful matings between individuals have been obtained in the larger cages. In addition, the number of males in mating cages seemed to affect the success of crosses. For the parental crosses and the F1self-crosses, at least 25 males were required, while for the self-crosses of F2 and the following generations only 10 males were needed. Laboratory egg masses were collected and checked for fertility and hatchability. The fertility and hatchability of the egg masses of F1 and the other generations were rather high (>93%), therefore, the laboratory conditions did not seem to affect the breeding mechanisms of Ch. Plumatisetigerus. The life cycle of Ch. Plumatisetigerus comprises of fourstages, as found in other dipterous insects, of which the longest is the larval stage. The female larvae have larger head capsule structures as compared to those of the male, hence it seems that the male and female larvae have different growth rates.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 028, Issue 4, Oct 94 - Dec 94, Page 535 - 544 |  PDF |  Page