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Study on prevalence of endoparasites occurring in alimentary canals of 355 adult native chickens from 32 amphoes in 11 provinces in the North- Easternpart of Thailand was done by fecal examination during the year 1989-1990. Results revealed prevalence of The following endoparasites; Prosthogonimus spp. (0.3%), Hymenolepis spp. (0.6%), Raillietina spp. (14.7%), Ascaridia galli (15.8%), Heterakis gallinarum (3.4%), Acuaria spp. (3.7%), Oxyspirura mansoni (11.3%), Capillaria spp. (9.9%) and unsporulated oocysts of coccidian parasite (10.7%).

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 028, Issue 2, Apr 94 - Jun 94, Page 237 - 242 |  PDF |  Page