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    • Ph.D.(ChE), Rochester Univ, USA
    • M.Sc. (Physical Chemistry), , Mahidol Univ., ไทย
    • B.Sc.(Chemistry), Mahidol Univ., ไทย

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    Activated carbonAdsorptionAmmonium PersulphatebiomassCathode materialCelluloseelectrochemical energy storageElectrochemical PerformancesIonic conductivityIonic liquidLiFePO4LiFePO4 cathode materialLignocellolusic biomassLignocellulosic biomassLimeLinocellulosic biomassLiquid sugarLithium battery anode materiallithium battery cathode materiallithium ferrophosphate (LiFePO4)lithium ion batterieslithium ion batteryLithium iron phosphatelithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4)Lithium-ion batteriesLithium-ion Batterylow emissionLow-costsMean square errorMedical treatmentmelaminemelamine-formaldehyde resinMethane enrichmentsMicrocrystalline celluloseMoisturemolten salt electrolyteMorphologyNatural rubbernitrogen containing carbon coated LiFePO4 cathodenitrogen-containing carbon materialnitrogen-containing carbon-nanorganic acid response surface methodologyPalm oil empty fruit bunch (POFB)Pineapple leaf fiberPineapple Leaf Fiber (PALF)Plants (botany)Polymer composite materialsPolymer electrolyte membranesPolymer synthesisPolysulfonePorous carbon electrodesPorous carbon materialPorous carbon materialsPorous materialsPotassium hydroxidePressure swing adsorptionPretreatmentrechargeable lithium batteriesRecycleRecyclingRenewable energiesRenewable energyRenewable fuelsResponse Surface MethodologyRoot mean square errorsSaccharificationScaling factorSelective removalSeparationshape memory polymersmecticsmectic liquid crystalSolar dryersSolid acid catalystSurface propertiesSynthesis and characterization of advanced material for anhydrous proton conducting membranes;Technology-basedTesting parametersthermotropic liquid crystalsVibrational frequencyViscoelastic propertiesWaste cooking oilwaste palm oilWater absorptionwater hyacinthX-ray diffractionZero-point vibrational energyZingiber Cassumunarกลุ่มประชากรจุลินทรีย์ (Microbial Consortium)กากชานอ้อยก๊าซชีวภาพ (Biogas)การตรวจวัดและการกำจัดยาฆ่าแมลงการนำไอออนิกการประยุกต์การสังเคราะห์ของเสียชีวมวลทางการเกษตรขั้วแอโนดสำหรับลิเทียมแบตเตอรีเจลาตินเซลล์เก็บพลังงานไฟฟ้าเคมีสารประกอบคาร์บอน


    Synthesis and characterization of advanced material for anhydrous proton conducting membranes;, Development of new method to improve ionic conductivity and mechanical properties of polymer electro, Electrochemistry and electrochemical instrumentation


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