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    • ฺิB.Sc.(เคมีและเศรษฐศาสตร์), Syracuse University, สหรัฐอเมริกา, 2544
    • M.Sc.(เคมี), The University of Utah, สหรัฐอเมริกา, 2547
    • Ph.D.(Metallurgical Engineering ), The University of Utah, สหรัฐอเมริกา, 2551

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    aluminium drossaluminum drossbiofilmBiomimetic surfaceCarbon blackcarbon steel pipeCarburizingCe(NO3)3cement pasteCeramicscerium (III) nitrateChalcogenideChalcopyritecoatingCobalt compoundsCoCrFeNiCo-Cu filmCo-electrodepositioncold pressComplex concentrated alloyscomposite electrodescomposite materialscoppercorrosionCorrosion resistanceDuty cycleEDMEDM electrodeElectric dischargesElectrocatalysiselectrochemical techniqueELECTROCHEMICAL TECHNIQUESElectrode potentialselectrodepositionElectrodesElectroless PlatingElectrolytesElectronicsElectropolym erizattonelectrowinningend-of-lifeEnergy efficiencyExplosion weldingExtractive metallurgy, Electrochemistry (Waste Recycling, Electrodeposition, Corrosion)failure analysisFe/Al structural transition jointsfeature engineeringFlame treatmentFlow batteriesflow batteryFTOFull cellgalssGalvanizedGalvanized steelGalvanostatic conditionsgaussian process emulationGaussian process modeGlassGRANULAR FILMSGrowthGTAWhalide mediaHappinometerHAZHeat resistanceHigh surface areaHigh-entropy alloysHybrid MaterialHysteresis loopinhibitorInhibitors performance calculationIntermetallic phasejarositesKesteriteleachingLi ion batteryLi-ion battery degradationMagnetic behavior Corrosion resistivityMagnetic propertiesMagnetic propertyMagnetic susceptibilityManganese dioxide electrodesManganese oxideMass transportMechanical PropertiesMercury compoundsMetal extractionMethanol oxidationmicrobiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)Nickel compoundsOrganicphotocatalytic activityPitting corrosionPorePorosityPorous materialStainless steelยางพาราอุตสาหกรรมยางพารา


    Extractive metallurgy, Electrochemistry (Waste Recycling, Electrodeposition, Corrosion)

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