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The objectives of this research were to study oil palm price situation and socio-economic factors correlating to determine and stabilized oil palm price. Data were collected by means secondary data for analysis seasonal price index, and interview from 103 samples;' 70 oil palm farmers, 20 oil palm local's dealer, and oil palm entrepreneur The results revealed that oil palm price was moved based on season by with increasing from November (seasonal price index 88.06) to maximized in January (seasonal price index 103.6), and decreasing below average price in April (seasonal price index 91.79). Consequently, price was decreased in maximized in October (seasonal price index 84.71). For correlation analysis, it was founded that ability to bargaining price of oil palm farmer was positive relate to farmgate price determination (r=0.78 at significant level 0.01), level of competition among local merchandises was positive relate to price determination (r=0.39 at significant level 0.01), while crop oil substitution policy and international oil palm price were positive relate to price determination for entrepreneur (r=0.58, and 0.30 at significant level 0.01). In addition, it was founded that ability to bargaining price, information exposure, bio-diesel policy, oil palm free trade policy, efficient government structure were relating to price stabilization of oil palm farmer at significant level 0.01. For oil palm dealer, occupation experience and export policy were positive relating to price stabilization, while illegal oil palm import, soil bran oil import were negative relating to price stabilization. For oil palm entrepreneur, quantity of demand, and information exposure were significant factors relating to price stabilization.

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Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences), Volume 023, Issue 2, Jul 02 - Dec 01, Page 118 - 130 |  PDF |  Page