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The purposes of this research were to study: Morality of preschool children regarding discipline, responsibility, generosity, and honesty; and effects of storytelling on teaching moral for preschool children. One group pretest-posttest design was employed to conduct an experimental research to a group of 30 preschool children, Data were collected, using storytelling synchronize with instructional media presentation. Twelve stories were developed in accordance with different aspects of morality, and a morality test was administered. T-test was used for data analysis. The findings revealed that more than half of preschool children were male. Most of their parents held bachelor degree. Their fathers' occupation was employee or business owner whereas their mothers were government officials or state enterprise employees The hypothesis testing showed that the subjects gained higher score on their posttest, statistically significance. The results showed significant development on children's discipline, generosity and honesty. The results of observation found that the children preferred stories of imaginative talking animals, stories with alternatives for children, and performers with good behavior. In addition, the puppetry correspondent with storytelling was the most favorite instructional media for the children.

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Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences), Volume 026, Issue 2, Jul 05 - Dec 05, Page 155 - 164 |  PDF |  Page