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หัวเรื่อง:ไม่มีชื่อไทย (ชื่ออังกฤษ : His Majesty the King?s Addresses Given at Kasetsart University: An Analysis of Message and Linguistic Techniques)

ผู้เขียน:Imgนายสมเกียรติ รักษ์มณี, รองศาสตราจารย์



The objectives of this research were to analyze the textual and linguistic techniques of His Majesty the King?s addresses given at Kasetsart University on various occasions. The results were as follows. Regarding textual techniques, three main areas were found: thoughts on self development; the role one plays in society; and developing society and the nation. In linguistic techniques, the analysis was broken down into four areas. 1. Structural techniques were divided into two sections: 1.1) oratory structure was found to be concise and in accordance to other addresses, and 1.2) organization was found to utilize rhetoric in forming conclusions and providing expositions. 2. Techniques in the area of linguistic level were found to be of a formal nature when giving formal addresses and semi-formal when giving informal addresses. 3. Regarding techniques in wording and syntax, it was found that wording was easily understood, straightforward, refined, showing conviction, emotive and intentional. In the area of syntax, it was found that two types of sentences were used: informative and calls for action, and used literary styles in the form of short sentences and long sentences. 4. As for techniques in comparison, it was found that simile, analogy and connotation were used.

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Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences), Volume 030, Issue 2, May 09 - Aug 09, Page 101 - 112 |  PDF |  Page 


ที่มา:Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences)(วารสารวิทยาสารเกษตรศาสตร์ สาขาสังคมศาสตร์)

หัวเรื่อง:พระบรมราโชวาทและพระราชดำรัสที่พระราชทานแก่มหาวิทยาลัยเกษตรศาสตร์ : การวิเคราะห์เนื้อหาและกลวิธีทางภาษา



นาย สมเกียรติ รักษ์มณี, รองศาสตราจารย์

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