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หัวเรื่อง:ไม่มีชื่อไทย (ชื่ออังกฤษ : Rapid Detection of Aflatoxin by Serological Mathods)

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Antiserum was produced by using the following antigens: Aspergillus flavus (AFC), non aflatoxin producing, isolated in Thailand: A. flavus (AFB5), high aflatoxin producing , isolated in Thailand; A. parasiticus (AP 827), high aflatoxin producing, isolated in U.S.A.; Aflatoxin B1 (AF). After collecting normal serum, antigens were prepared and injected into 5 rabbits. Antisera were collected at weekly intervals 10-20 times. Only low titers of antisera could be detected by precipitation reaction on slides. The antisera were not sufficient for use in ELISA. Preliminary tests using ALFA CHECK a product by UBE Industries Ltd, demonstrated clearly the high sensitivity of ELISA for Aflatoxin detection. AFB 1 was detected at concentrations as low as 4 ppb in 20 minutes.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 025, Issue 5, Jan 91 - Dec 91, Page 126 - 130 |  PDF |  Page