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A survey on the production cost, production indices and relationships between those was accomplished at Ban Boung dairy cooperative, Chonburi province. Each producer, a member of dairy cooperative, was asked to complete a questionnaire under guidance of a veterinarian in order to obtain the production cost data. The CoopLIVE system was installed at the milk collecting center to continuously gather data concerning reproduction and milk production for 1 year. The production cost per kilogram of raw milk produced was 8.80 bahts. The first three costly items were concentrate cost (33%), forage cost (18%) and unpaid family labor (16%). Under current situation where the price per kilogram of raw milk is 8.50 bahts small holders seem to be more competitive than large commercial herds since commercial herds need to use hired labor while small holders are profitable from their unpaid family labor. The production indices indicated that there was an epidemic of poor production performance among small dairy holders. The averages of calving to conception intervals (139), days dry (109) and days open (144) were too long to allow efficient production. Problems may relate to preservice heat detection and/or post calving anestrus due to excessive weight loss during lactation peak. The situation clearly indicated that the opportunity to reduce production cost is existed. Replacement herd size as percentage of milking herd (PREPL) and average days open (DOP) exhibited positive relationships with the production cost while lactation length (LL) and daily milk production/cow/day (DP) correlated to that in opposite direction. This means that the higher PREPL or DOP is the higher the production cost. Similarly, a reverse conclusion can be made with LL and DP.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 028, Issue 2, Apr 94 - Jun 94, Page 248 - 255 |  PDF |  Page