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There are many modalities of diagnostic imaging for confirming diagnosis of portosystemic shunt in dogs and cats. Contrast radiography could be performed by contrast media injection into veins such as portovenography, mesenteric portography and splenoportography. These techniques are common used in veterinary medicine because of its high specificity, however they are invasive since contrast media must be injected into veins via celiotomy. Ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasonography are high accuracy techniques when were used by vererinarian who has experienced and is familia with vascular anatomy of dogs and cats. Hepatic scintigraphy provided reliable diagnosis but its disadvantages are expensiveness and harmfulness to both patients and technicians. Computer tomograhy (CT) is well suit for PSS diagnosis because it takes only short rime for scannig, provides good vascular details and requires much less invasive. Moreover, the images can be reconstructed to three dimensional pictures which are feasible for diagnosis. The disadvantage of CT is high cost of instruments.

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วารสาร คณะสัตวแพทยศาสตร์(Journal of Kasetsart Veterinarians), Volume 020, Issue 2, May 10 - Aug 10, Page 101 - 109 |  PDF |  Page 



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