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หัวเรื่อง:ไม่มีชื่อไทย (ชื่ออังกฤษ : Factors Influencing University Selection of Grade 12 Students in the Upper Northeastern Region of Thailand)

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The research objectives were (1) to study influential factors in university selection, and (2) to study the behavior of Grade 12 students in the upper northeastern region of Thailand on university selection. Research results were drawn from 1,600 students, the majority of them were female (77.90%). The age of the students was 18 years old. Most of them studied at high schools in Udon Thani province, had the GPAX of 3.26-3.50, and majority of them studied in sciences-mathematics program. The findings revealed that there were 5 decision factors in university selection. Firstly, the quality and reputation of institution factor, students paid highest interest in government universities. Secondly, the academic and management system factor, students paid high attention to the universities that promoted competent students to participate in academic competitions. Thirdly, the location and environment factor, students paid high attention to the universitieslocated in peaceful area and supportive environment for learning. Fourthly, the tuition fee and welfare factor, students paid highest attention to the universities that provided resourceful and sufficient library. Lastly, the motivation factor, students? motivation were based on future career opportunities. The students? behavior on selecting undergraduate institutions were; most of students searched for undergraduate institution information when they had studied at Grade 12, most students used internet as a tool to search for the information of the institutions, most students preferred consulting with their parents about university selection, but they made the final decision by themselves. In addition, they preferred studying in medical science program and most of them preferred studying at a university in Khon Kaen province.

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Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Social Sciences), Volume 031, Issue 3, Sep 10 - Dec 10, Page 307 - 318 |  PDF |  Page