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An experiment was conducted to study the climatic adaptation of mungbean (Vigna radiate (L.) Wilczek) at the Kamphaeng Saen Campus of Kasetsart University. The main objectives were to find out how the mungbean varieties tested adapted to the Kamphaeng Saen environment and how environmental interaction affected growth and development of these varieties. This investigation hopes to provide some information for crop improvement and methods of cultural practice. The study employed 14 mungbean genotypes which were seeded on the eleventh of each month for 12 consecutive months starting from June 1986 onward. Besides stages of development and growth, detailed climatic variables e.g. daylengths, temperatures and rainfall distribution were also recorded. The results revealed that climatic variables e.g. daylengths, temperatures and soil moisture, exerted strong influence on growth and development and yield of mungbean, however, the degree of response was dependent on varieties that were used. Days to flowering were hastened by short daylengths. However, low air temperatures in November and December delayed flowering and maturity. High soil moisture during the rainy season retarded mungbean growth. The best sowing dates for optimum growth and yield for the Kamphaeng Saen environment were found to be between March and June.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 023, Issue 4, Oct 89 - Dec 89, Page 331 - 339 |  PDF |  Page