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The effects of seed size on field emergence growth and yield of large-seeded peanut were studied in the two promising peanut lines : KUP24D-421 and KUP24D-084. Hand shelled dry peanut seeds from the sound mature pods were sorted into three different sizes using oblong perforated hand screens. Large seeds were those that remained on the 21.5/64 x 3/4 inch screen. Seeds that passed through the 21.5/64 x 3/4 inch screen and remained on the 18/64 x 3/4 inch screen were medium size, and those that passed through the 18/64 x 3/4 inch screen belonged to the small seed size group. If was found that moisture content of the small seeds were higher than that of the medium and large seeds but seed weight of the large seeded group were higher than the smaller one. Difference in seed germination and seed vigor was not found among different seed sizes, although the larger seeds gave higher seedling dry weight. Field experiment indicated that small peanut seeds germinated faster than the large seeds. It was also found that at the early growth stages, peanut plants planted from the small seeds were lower in plant dry weight than those planted from the large seeds. However, there was no difference in flowering date, pod yield, and seed yield among those peanuts planted from different seed size classes. It appeared that for the large-seeded peanuts, small seeds could be used for planting and keeping the large and medium seeds for consumption and peanut products.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 026, Issue 3, Jul 92 - Sep 92, Page 213 - 222 |  PDF |  Page