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Food Decorating Longan was prepared by increase in firmness of longan, cv. Edoor both thick and thin peel was conducted by vacuum infiltration with calcium chloride solution and heated at 80?C for different periods of time. Experiments showed that soaking both varieties in 0.7% calcium chloride solution for 2 hours followed by heating them at 80?C for 15 minutes was the most effective method, although their firmness was still less than green and red cherries and egg-plants sold in market. Sensory evaluation of dyed and undyed longan (Beawkheaw) and undyed longan (Edoor) indicated that most dyed and undyed longans were judged to be in the level of “slightly like” , except green longan cv. Beawkheaw was judged to be in the level of indifferent.

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Agriculture and Natural Resources -- formerly Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science), Volume 028, Issue 2, Apr 94 - Jun 94, Page 283 - 297 |  PDF |  Page