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    Nanocomposite3-Aminophenylboronic acid5-ammoniumvaleric acid iodideAlkali-treated starchAntibioticAVAIAzo dyesBand gapBiomimetic materialBiomimetic sensorBiomineralizationCaCO3 spheruliteCarbon nanotubeCarbon nanotubesCharge separationcharge transferComputational calculationsComputational chemistryDensity functional theoryDifferential pulse voltammetryDopingElectrochemical biosensorElectrochemical electrodesElectrochemical sensorElectrodesElectronic structuresElectropolymerizationElectrospinningEncapsulationferoceneFerroceneGold nanoparticleGrapheneGraphene nanocompositesInkjet-printed electrodelead iodideMolecularly ImpringtedMolecularly Imprinted PolymerMonomersNanocompositesO- phenylenediamineOptimal conditionsOrganic-inorganic hybrid metal halide perovskitePerovskitePerovskite solar cellPhase compositionphotoanodesphotoelectrochemical performancesPolymerPolymer (MIP)PolymersReusabilityScreen printed electrodeScreen-printed carbon electrodesSelective detectionSolar cellSolar cellsSolution-based processingstabilitySurface photovoltagethermal treatmentsThin films and NanotechnologyVoltammetryWO3/BiVO4 heterojunctionsการตรวจสอบการสังเคราะห์เซลล์แสงอาทิตย์โซลาร์เซลล์พลังงานทดแทนเพอรอฟสไกต์ยางธรรมชาติสารตัวนำโฮลเส้นใยอิเล็โตรสปันโพลี3เฮกซิลไทโอฟิน


    Solar Cells, Thin films and Nanotechnology, Polymers

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