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  • Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering), มหาวิทยาลัยสงขลานครินทร์, ไทย, 2556

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3D-computer-aided designAdditive Manufacturingaging patientAutomationAutomotiveBioactive glassBioceramicsbiological responseBiomechanical evaluationbiomechanical studybiomechanicsBlowerBody ArmorBone stressBone tissue engineering  ScaffoldBone tissue regenerationbone-borne rapid palatal expanderCAD/CAMCAD/CAM/CAE Additive Manufacturingcarotid abnormalityComputational fluid dynamic modelComputed tomographyComputer-aided scaffolding techniquesCorrective osteomyCOVID-19cranial cruciate ligamentCubitus varuscustom-made prosthesisDental ImplantDiedistal cantileverDistal humerusdogsdouble lag screwDRUJ arthritis.Dynamic hip screwDynamic Hip ScrewsEngineeringevaluationFace ShieldFeasibility AssessmentFemoral fractureFemoral fracturesfemoral neck fracturesFemurFinite Element AnalysisFMEAFood Processing TechnologyFoot pressurefractureFracture fixationFracturesFunctionally graded materialsFused Deposit ModelingGPS Service SystemHearing Aidhigh tibial osteotomyHip screwHot rolled stainless steelHuman HairIndustrial inspection systemInsertion siteInsole slopeIntramedullary nailingISO9001Joint stressKevlarK-wireLocked K-wireManufacturing Technologymaxillary expansionMechanical designMechanical PropertiesMechanical Propertymedial open wedgeMedializationMedical devicePackaging AnalysisPackaging DesignPin and platePlastic Medical Trayplate and screw fixationPorous scaffoldsposterior atrophic maxillaposterior maxilla.preoperativeProduct Design and Manufacturing ProcessProfessional Qualificationproximal radius fractureQC 7 Toolsradiographrealistic model.RefrigeratorRelative micromotionsRentalRetrograde nailingReverse Engineeringแม่พิมพ์ฉีดขึ้นรูปวิธีไฟไนต์เอลิเมนต์วิธีสเตอริโอลิโทกราฟี


Medical Device Design / Biomedical Engineering, Orthopaedic Biomechanics, CAD/CAM/CAE Additive Manufacturing, Medical Standard, Product Design and Manufacturing Process

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