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    • Ph.D (Environmental and Hazardous Waste Management) Inter Department, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 2550
    • M.Eng (Environmental Engineering), Kasetsart University, Thailand, 2537
    • B.Sc (Chemistry), Chiangmai University, Thailand, 2527

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    Agricultural wasteAnaerobic bacteriaanaerobic digestionbioenergyBiogasBiohydrogenBrewery sludgeBrewery wastewaterCodigestionCo-digestioncontaminationCow dungdark fermentationFermentationFertilizersFish mealForecastingfrozen seafoodFuel CellsGas productionGenetic diversityGlobal warmingGraphitegrassGrass samplegrass-like plantGreen manureGreenhouse gasguava leavesHeating loadheavy metalheavy metalsHigh potentialHot compressed waterHuskhydrogenHydrogen productionHydrothermal pretreatmentIndustrial wastewaterinhibitionInoculumion exchangeJatropha curcasmethanemethane yieldmethane.microalgaenapier grassnapier grass.Natural water การดูดกลืนแสงNitrite reductase abilityNitrite reductase geneOil feedstockOil palm empty fruit bunchorganic loading rateorganic paddy fieldPaddy fieldPalm oil millPaper and pulp industrypHPhosphorusphytoremediationPineapple peelspollutant removalPotassium removalPower GenerationpredictionPretreatmentpre-treatmentPre-treatmentsProton exchange membraneProton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC)Proton exchange membranesProtonspulp and paper industryPVquality controlRed Mold Ricereference plant materialreference soil materialRenewable energySalinitySodium hydroxidesolid contentStarch wastewaterSunn hempwastewaterWastewater treatmentWastewater.weedก๊าซชีวภาพการปนเปื้อนการปรับสภาพเซลลูโลสนาข้าวพลังงานชีวภาพฟางข้าวมีเทนหญ้าเนเปียร์เฮมิเซลลูโลส



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